Listener Advisory Boards - or LABs - are a cost-effective way of radio stations getting feedback from a small group of listeners.
Because participants are not scientifically selected, they are not proper focus groups. Nevertheless, when well-moderated, they are an excellent way of hearing the views of your station's biggest fans as well as discovering more about their lifestyle and trying out new ideas.
Paul Chantler is an expert independent moderator of LABs and has extensive experience of running them for a variety of stations. The skill is in not simply asking a list of questions but knowing when and in what ways to probe deeper and ask follow-up questions.
He can advise on all aspects of LABs from recruitment of participants to the sessions itself and important follow-up work to turn the results into action on air.


Week-Long Station Audit
Paul also offers a complete radio station audit where he monitors and analyses output across a week studying all aspects including music, news, presenters, imaging, positioning and branding.
The audit contains independent and objective analysis of your station's strengths and weaknesses. A detailed written report contains specific advice and recommendations and is an excellent way for station management to review progress and determine the path for future success.
If you are a chief executive who wants a new and fresh perspective on your station's sound, Paul can provide a confidential report for your eyes only.

Two Day Station Monitoring
Paul offers a comprehensive 16-hour monitoring service for your station. He comes to your market on an agreed day and does a complete 6am to 7pm monitor of your output. He stays overnight and also monitors your breakfast show on the second day. Over lunch, he gives a verbal overview which is then followed up by a full written report within a week.

News Audit
News and information are important parts of a radio station's output. Paul will appraise a sample of your news output across a day or a week which analyses content, style and presentation.
The news audit contains a written report highlighting strengths and weaknesses compared to rival stations. It also provides specific advice and recommendations on how bulletins can be improved effectively.

Paul visits your market and monitors your station and your competitors for the first day. On the second day, he works with management and staff to improve your output. You receive a full written report within a week including an Action Plan. You receive three visits a year with extra visits as necessary.


Paul Chantler is available at selected times of the year to undertake interim management assignments either on a full time or part-time basis.
Part trouble-shooter and part babysitter, Paul runs your radio station on a day-to-day basis as acting managing director or programme director while recruitment takes place for a permanent replacement.
Paul has successfully completed interim management assignments at various stations in the UK including Hallam FM in Sheffield, Metro Radio in Newcastle, Smooth Radio in London and Smooth Radio in the East Midlands.


Paul is available for executive coaching and mentoring assignments on a strictly limited and market exclusive basis.
A programme director or senior presenter can use Paul to help solve tactical or strategic programming problems on a confidential basis. This includes brainstorming ideas and making use of Paul's extensive experience and contacts in a wide variety of markets.
Working to a brief agreed with the chief executive, the assignment starts with two initial meetings following by weekly phone consultation. The minimum period of executive coaching is three months.
Paul has completed executive coaching assignments with a number of clients including Radio City in India.

Paul offers selected individual consultancy services for professional presenters on a strictly limited basis. This includes regular coaching and critiquing sessions, performance feedback, aircheck analysis, career advice and contract negotiation. For competitive reasons, these individuals remain confidential.
He also provides advice for beginners and younger presenters including a confidential, personalised, written critique service.

Paul can help in searching for both programming and production people. He has extensive knowledge of who is available and at what price. He can save you time and money by supervising a search, doing preliminary interviews and shortlisting the right candidates for the job.